alethiometers (alethiometers) wrote in nightlockings,

total anxiety: andrew detmer (chronicle)

total anxiety (chronicle) | download

01 fragile: repeat offender (i can’t hold this weight, you’re laying a life in these… these hands are fragile) // 02 pillars: sunny day real estate (don’t tell me you’ve gone astray…) // 03 emergency: paramore (and i can’t pretend that i don’t see this, it’s really not your fault, that no one cares to talk about it) // 04 fall: something corporate (you know i just can’t handle this, handle this at all, and so i fall) // 05 camisado: panic! at the disco (the IV & your hospital bed, this was no accident. this was a therapeutic chain of events) // 06.superheroes (WPAHP remix): daft punk // 07 baptism (story of isaac remix): crystal castles // 08 god’s gonna cut you down (mondkopf plus de sommeil remix): johnny cash
Tags: ch: andrew detmer, film: chronicle, theme: dark
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