emily (unicornchasing) wrote in nightlockings,

finnick&annie: a hero within me

(i've had this in itunes for so long, ever since the very first time i heard keep your head up and was struck with how much it immediately reminded me of annie & finnick. this mix is a little sad and nostalgic and very much about the sea and love and remembering every little scrap of happiness these two may have been able to salvage for themselves in between it all.)

01. keep your head up // ben howard
keep your head up, keep your heart strong
keep your mind set, keep your hair long
(because i'll always remember you the same
eyes like wildlowers
oh, with your demons of change)

02. left at sea // ben woods

03. pictures by the seashore // oliver the penguin
you are where i belong
like waves crashing in me
(you were emotion, you were a hero within me)

04. shoreline // anna ternheim
ever since i was eight or nine
i've been standing on the shoreline 
always waiting
(you die when you're young)

05. constellations // alessi's ark
you're very pretty, you know
you're very rare, you know
i'm very clumsy, you heard
(she loves you, yes she does)

06. trailed // gossling 
i've been your constant, and i've been your pilot
directed you through all the storms that we crossed
(and how would you have gone
without my shoulder to lay your head on?)


Tags: ch: annie cresta, ch: finnick odair, series: the hunger games, ship: finnick/annie, theme: light
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