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attack the block: the science of social deprivation

I posted this on tumblr a while back but never got around to posting it here until now.
This is a lot of rap and heavy sounds, but it's not mindless. Most of the songs with words/lyrics are social commentary, the instrumentals are about fighting aliens.

sirens (chase & status remix) : dizzee rascal
i can hear the sirens coming 
better run when you hear the sirens coming
so we followed him through this little alleyway into the flats
and we thought the time was perfect so we crept up and we attacked
i took the first swing unexpected causing panic
we was ruthless causing agony in public it was tragic

come back (lorn remix) : eskmo

council estate of mind ;; skinnyman
you got to sleep round here and have nightmares
wake up and find the worst reality is right there
the difference is, in my dreams I'm always runnin' scared
but in reality, on road, I'm comin' prepared

murda sound (eskmo remix) : bar 9

crying out loud (remix ft. va) : bashy
you think that we're progressing but we're really heading back
and if you're smart you'll be checking that
you'll be asking, 'where these kids getting weapons at?'
(politics, man i call this poli-tricks)
why you think they try and ban black boys?
cause black boys united, keeps em frightened
especially when we join forces with whites that are righteous

tik tok (untold dub remix) : ke$ha

stay awake (extended mix) : example
if we don't kill ourselves
we'll be the leaders of a messed up generation
if we don't kid ourselves
they'll believe us when we tell them the reasons why
did we take it too far, take it too far?

superheroes (wphap remix) : daft punk
something's in the air

my england : lady sovereign
police carry guns not truncheons, make your own assumptions 
london ain't all crumpets and trumpers, it's one big slum pit
we ain't all posh like the queen, we ain't all squeaky clean
now do the Tony Blair, throw your hands int the air now everywhere



Tags: film: attack the block, music mix
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